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            Identification Product name: bromobenzene 
            Product name: bromobenzene 
            Molecular formula: C6H5Br Molecular weight:  
            Structural formula:  
            CAS No: 108-86-1 RTECS No:  
            HS code: 2903399090 UN No: 2514
            Dangerous goods code:   IMDG Code Page:  
            Physical and Chemical Properties Appearance and properties:  Colorless to slight yellow oil-like liquid
            Uses:  Used in organic synthesis, Dye intermediate.
            Melting point:  -30.7 °C(lit.) Boiling point:  156℃
            Relative density (water=1):  1.491 Moisture ≤:  0.05%
            bromobenzene Assay ≥  99% PH value:  6.0~8.0
            Saturated vapor pressure (kPa):   Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, C ketone, acetic acid, benzene, petroleum ether and carbon tetrachloride.
            Critical temperature (℃): - Critical pressure (MPa): -
            Heat of combustion (kj/mol): -
            Combustion and explosion hazard Conditions to avoid: -
            Flammability: Flammable Building regulation fire insurance classification:: -
            Flash point (℃): 51 °C Self-Ignition temperature(℃): -
            Lower explosive limit (V%): - Upper explosive limit (V%): -
            Hazardous characteristics: Its vapor and air can form explosive mixture, in open flame, high heat cause burning explosion. React with oxidant can. By the high fever decompound let out poisonous gases. If encounter high fever, container pressure increases, there are cracks and the risk of explosion.
            Combustion (decomposition) products: Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen bromide. Stability: -
            Incompatible materials: strong oxidizing agents. Polymerization hazards: -
            Fire fighting methods : dry powder, foam, Sandy soil, water
            Risk category: 3 - -
            Packaging and transportation Packing group: III
            Directions for storage and transportation: : Stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse away from fire and heat source. Avoid direct sunlight. Temperature should not be more than 37 ℃ . Keep container closed. Should be stored separatelywith oxidant, food chemicals and no mixed reservoir.


            1,2-dibromobenzene quality index
            Item Index value
            Appearance Colorless to slight yellow oil-like liquid
            Molecular formula  C6H5Br
            bromobenzene Assay ≥ 99% 
            Density (d2020) g/cm3 1.491
            PH value 6.0~8.0 
            Moisture ≤  0.05%

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