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          2. Yancheng Longshen Chemical Co., Ltd.

            Focus on Bromide and Chloride Derivatives for 20 Years

            Bromobenzene Manufacturer in China

          3. Culture Home >> About Us >> Culture

            Corporate purposes

            Technology makes a bright future, quality sustains life

            Corporate belief

            Truth-seeking, innovation, integrity, excellence

            Corporate values

            People-oriented, customer first, focus on investment, technological innovation

            Enterprise Talent View

            Cherishing, respecting, cultivating, achieving

            Corporate ethics

            Provide safe, stable and high-quality products for consumers and customers in the industry. Establish mutual trust, coexistence and common prosperity with all integrity-based companies in the industry chain. Comply with relevant national laws and regulations. Pay attention to environmental protection and protect the environment. It is our responsibility to actively participate in the construction of a harmonious society and to contribute our strength to the promotion of socialist development.

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